Making a claim is also known as filing or lodging a claim.

Apply online

It’s quickest and easiest to apply online

apply online button

When you apply online your application will be sent straight to the Disputes Tribunal Team who will confirm your application and schedule a hearing.

  • no need to visit a court until your hearing
  • you can upload any additional documents online
  • we will contact you directly if any additional information is needed.

Or file a claim by paper

You'll need to fill in and send us the Disputes Tribunal claim form.

Claim form [PDF, 222 KB]

You’ll need to give us 3 copies of the form and any other documents.

If you need any assistance please use the guide to filing a claim form [PDF, 164 KB] to help you. The guide has also been translated into the following languages;

Mail or deliver your claim to us

Postal address:
Ministry of Justice

Or you can deliver your claim to your local District Court.

How to pay when you apply by paper form

  • You can pay by EFTPOS, credit card or cash at your local court.

Find your local court(external link)

Get help

You can get help making a claim from:

You usually need to make a claim within 6 years after the event that caused the dispute. If you can't make the claim within 6 years, you should talk with a lawyer.

If you can’t afford a lawyer you may be able to get:

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