Find out what to expect at a Disputes Tribunal hearing, who can attend and how they are run.

What to expect at a hearing

Hearings are informal at the Disputes Tribunal but they do have a set procedure they follow.

Prepare for a hearing

What you'll need to have prepared beforehand, and what to bring with you, when you go to a hearing at the Disputes Tribunal.

Decision in your favour

What to expect if the Disputes Tribunal rules in your favour after a hearing.

Decision not in your favour

What will happen if the Disputes Tribunal finds against you after a hearing.

Apply for a rehearing or appeal

You can apply for a rehearing if you believe that something stopped the proper decision being made.

You can apply for an appeal if you believe the referee who ran the hearing (or a Disputes Tribunal investigator carried out an inquiry) in a way that was unfair and which had an effect on the result.

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